Pointe-Aux-Vieux 2011

Dear Blog,

I have not forgotten about you. I hope you have not forsaken me.
You have been patiently waiting, often nagging, at the back of my mind. After a long field season the excavation at Pointe Aux Vieux has finally come to a close, and I have returned to the city to sync back in to some resemblance of a ‘normal’ life. (Definition of a normal life: not living in a cavernous hole in the ground, covered in sweat, dirt, bugspray, sunscreen, eating canned fish…)

Back in the office, my first priority was to blog dust off my computer, chair, and desk that lay dormant all summer. Okay, so my 2nd priority was to upload and organize the massive amounts of photographs taken at PAV this summer and collect my thoughts and reflections on the Dig so I could update you, Dearest Blog.

I hope you accept my apologies and that we can still be friends, like the good ol’days.


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