Storm Hits Hard at Pointe-Aux-Vieux

It is with sadness that I write this…

Last week’s severe windy weather and storm surges have drastically affected the landscape at Low Point. From photographs I’ve seen, the bank that had been separating the foundation from the beach looks as if a bulldozer came in and ripped it off. There is no buffer zone now between it and the elements. Half of the fireplace foundation has been swept out by the sea, granite field stones lie strewn along the shore, and a large, heavy stepping stone is about 30 feet from where it once was.

Damages from the heavy wind and rain storm were felt all across the island. Because December was so mild and saw so much rain, the ground was not frozen, making the land extremely susceptible to this kind of damage. With the high-rate of erosion and rising sea levels affecting the Island, we know the site is going to eventually be lost, and there is nothing that can be done about it except protect it as best we can. However, I was not prepared for the site to be completely changed in one fell swoop of the sea.

There are a couple of positive sides to this unfortunate event. This only further fuels the sense of urgency to document and record archaeological sites on the Island before they disappear. And while it is so sad to see the beautifully constructed fireplace/oven footings damaged, I am thankful that that area has already been excavated and recorded over the past two field seasons.

Taken from the shore, A View of the Early Acadian foundation with the bank missing (note: 'brick-like' oven footings to the Left).

View of the foundation from the shore, sans bank.

Thanks to Claude Aresenault for the photos.


One thought on “Storm Hits Hard at Pointe-Aux-Vieux

  1. How tragic for these irreplaceable artifacts being lost. Is there no way to secure the site whether to the environment or those who might wish to take home treasures for their own collection?


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