A big crowd!

I am happy to write that Provincial Archaeologist, Dr. Helen Krtismanson’s presentation on August 10th at the Acadian Museum in Mischouche drew an audience of 100 people! The audience spilled out into the hallway and consisted of people of different ages from all over the Island, and beyond.

It was the last in this edition of the Museum’s ‘Tuesday Talks’ lecture series. Dr. Kristmanson’s presentation about the Pointe-Aux-Vieux project was titled “Archaeological Investigations of an 18th Century Acadian Farmstead at Pointe-aux-Vieux (near Port Hill).” It was a great presentation (and I’m not just saying that because she is my boss)!

It is awesome that the excavation at Pointe-Aix-Vieux has stirred so much public interest!

Speaking of that, my blog has drawn over 1800 views to date…


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