My most exciting day! Can you ‘handle’ it?

Although I was quite contained on site, I could barely handle finding an amazing handle! (pun very much intended, sorry).

This artefact I would definitely categorize as spectacular! It appears to be a knife handle made from bone (walrus, perhaps – it has yet to be analysed), and engraved with asterisk-like markings. This handle is quite likely Mi’kmaq in origin and closely resembles the handle of a tool called a ‘crooked knife’.

As I began to uncover it, I had to do a double take, as it resembled the handle of my trowel in shape and colour. At first I thought it was a bone, then as more of it was revealed, I knew it was not just a bone, it was something very different and exciting! To touch, it feels smooth and heavy. To hold it makes me think of the hand that held it and used it. There are so many details to take in when looking at the handle; it’s shape, the design of the markings carved into it, and the little nicks from when it was used, so many years ago.

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