Pointe-Aux-Vieux Excavation June 17th, 2010

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The whole experience of participating in the dig has been exciting for me, but it is especially exciting when you find artefacts. So far I’ve found a lot of faunal bones, shell, and nails. These things can tell us a lot about the site and the life of the people who lived there. However, I particularly love finding ceramics. A strong connection with the history of the place and the people comes over me when I hold a piece of ceramic that the inhabitants used in their daily life. It is a very clear visual-material connection to the past because you can see the colours, the design, and feel the texture. To think that likely the last person who held that ceramic lived about 300 years ago is very awe-inspiring and humbling.

I found my most exciting artefact on Thursday. It was the end of the day and I had grown slightly tired of finding nothing but rocks and pebbles. Just as I was about to throw in my trowel and call it a day, a large shard of ceramic popped out at me when I least expected it. The shard is thick stoneware of a blueish-grey colour, with ridging on the inside. It was possibly used for storage, and because it is glazed on both sides, it may have been used to store liquids. I have yet to identify exactly what type of ceramic it is, but I will let you know!

2 thoughts on “Pointe-Aux-Vieux Excavation June 17th, 2010

  1. It was so wonderful and exciting to read your beautifully-written and sensitive blog. You can have no idea how happy I am to witness archaeological survey and excavation in PEI and to see, among your photos, great old friends deep in the pit of knowledge (hey Claude! Give that Santonge another kiss!!!).

    I will look forward eagerly to your future posts.



  2. Hello Reg,

    Thank you for taking to the time to read my blog and for your comment.
    Glad you enjoyed it.


    P.S. I really enjoyed your captivating lectures on Prince Edward Island Architecture at the Carriage House. It is nice to know there are kindred history spirits out there!


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