Pointe-Aux-Vieux Excavation June 16th, 2010

After two days trying to rest at home, while reading about my colleagues adventures in the news, I was getting antsy. I was beyond excited to participate in my first dig! When I arrived Wednesday morning, it was amazing to see how much the site had progressed since I’d last seen it.

I picked up a kit with a trowel and dustpan and got straight to work. I spent most of the day working on a unit with Jesse, keenly observing everyone else’s techniques, trying to get a hang of it.

It was a perfect day to work in the field. It was sunny with a breeze, and most importantly, Tuesday’s wind had blown the mosquitoes away.

At the end of the day exhaustion should have hit me harder than it did, but I was on a history high!

My friend Jennifer, whose known me since I was 6 and lived through my childhood as an archaeological enthusiast, summarized my first dig experience perfectly when she said “I wish  your grade 5 self could see this. Dreams do come true.”

I will make no apologies for being so cheesy and sentimental…

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